Sunsets Recovery Center for Women in Orange County Success Stories


“Sunsets Recovery Center for Women has given me a place to learn to love life. Sunsets introduced me to AA. The requirement of four meetings a week helped me find my meetings. I got a sponsor and a homegroup and was encouraged to get a commitment, share, and lead meetings. Sunsets combined with AA have helped me transform into a person I never thought I could be. I was taught to have a routine, to practice acceptance and gratitiude, patience and compassion, to empathize with others, to bite my tongue, to make true friendships, to voice my wants and my needs, to be vulnerable, to accept myself, to stop playing the victim and making things about me, to set boundaries, to learn to be okay by myself, to be honest and own up to my mistakes, to take responsibility for my life and my actions, to not blame others, to take suggestions, to do things even if I dont want to or I dont see the point, to pray and meditate, to be aware of when im putting myself on a pedestal and being entitled, to accept my emotions instead of fighting them, to stop comparing my body to other people (being around women has taught me that for the most part everyone is insecure), that im no better or worse than others, that judgement and comparison get in the way of connection, that resentments leave me lonely, to have self respect and not seek validation from others, that I dont need someone to fix me and I dont need to fix others, having expectations leave me disappointed, to listen to others and look for similarities not differences, to be aware of when im using people, to embrace the uncomfortability, to no longer label myself as a narcissist, to give things a fair chance before I decide I dont like them, to set goals and be excited about the future, this program has encouraged my family to go to Al-anon which has improved my relationship with my parents, Ive learned to live in the moment and have fun in sobriety, to give hope to others and be supportive, to not let fear keep me stuck, to turn that fear into faith that things will work how they are intented to, that I can get through hard times, that life is worth living, that i deserve love and happiness, and most importantly that I have to put in the work to get the results I want and that if I trust God I will be okay. As long as I stay sober, I have options. I will forever be grateful to this program for giving me not one but two chances to take my life back. I’m was so glad I took advantage of everything that was offered to me.”

Caitlyn W

“Sunsets recovery and the staff there provided me with the greatest gift, the gift to take my life back. Coming into treatment, I was fearful and unsure, but after making it my home for the past seven months and now leaving, I feel stronger than ever, ready to take on all of life’s challenges and confident in my sobriety and choices. I was surrounded by amazing women who helped me understand myself and gave me the utmost support during the process. Connection with other women was something I was lacking upon entering and is now something I could never live without. Thank you, sunsets and staff, for everything you have done for me and the start of my new life.”

Kahli H

“This place 110% was my saving grace and changed my life completely. The staff and surrounding people were nothing less than amazing. They were there for me through the good, bad, and the ugly. They were with me every step, always had patience with me, faced every problem with me, and helped build my life from the ground up. I could never thank these people enough. The love i have for each and every one of these people is indescribable. Absolutely amazing.”

Haley F

“I came to Sunsets Recovery Center for Women unknowingly and didn’t have any expectations at the moment and when I started attending groups and learning of others I quickly was accepted and my journey since then has brought me to my knees with hope and I’ll be leaving with my head high and my heart heavy simply because the people here are beyond amazing and understanding. My experience here has been nothing but incredible and I am forever grateful for this experience, I would tell anyone if they ever had the courage to leave their comfort zone to get better and learn how to re-build their life, go to unsets Recovery Center for Women in California. I don’t really do recommendations but for this I wouldn’t make any hesitation on this suggestion.”

Maryssa J

“I came to Sunsets Recovery Center for Women after a short stay in detox. I was very hesitant at first, however, I was greeted with open arms and a loving heart from the driver who picked me up at detox and every staff member after that. I was serious about my recovery and took advantage of every resourse Sunsets Recovery Center for Women provides. I chased my recovery with the same vigor I chased my drugs. It was very hard work and Sunsets provided me the environment to feel safe, get vulnerable and do the work needed to stay sober. I have learned so much about myself, coping techniques, AA, friendships and how to have fun again. Really I learned how to live life again from a staff of strong, dedicated women. I love that it is a women’s only facility because it allowed me to get raw and really deal with the trauma that kept me in the cycle of my addiction. I have grown tremendously since first walking through these doors and I love the sober woman I am today! I will forever be grateful to Sunsets Recovery Center for Women and the amazing staff!”

Dawn W

“I wanted you all to know that I appreciate everything that you all did for me. I am clean now for 477 days!! I especially appreciate the fact that when I failed to make advancements at Sunsets that you found the place for me that ultimately became my saving grace. It’s not that Sunsets wasn’t a great place; it just was not for me. Thank you, everyone. I miss you all.”

Tonya S

“Sunsets Recovery Center for Women changed my life and helped me in SO many ways. I had a great experience! The staff was like family and I loved that its full of strong women in recovery!”

Corinne D

“The entire program at Sunsets is focused on individual, personal treatment. Even though you attend groups at Sunsets, your personal recovery is always the forefront of your treatment. You are treated with respect, compassion, and honesty! Best of all you are never judged! Sunsets Recovery Center saved my life!”

Christy S

“My experience at Sunsets was transformational. It transformed me into the best version of myself. The staff inspired and supported me throughout every part of my recovery and they loved me until I could love myself. I am forever grateful for them. They are incredible and Sunsets is an incredible program and I am so thankful that I got a chance to experience it.”

Kasi T

“Everyone at sunsets helped me in my recovery so much. The amount of love and support the staff shows to the clients everyday is amazing. This place was the best place I possibly could have came to better my recovery and my life! Super grateful for everyone here!”

Samantha P