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At Sunsets Recovery Center’s Family Program, families have a chance to lay the building blocks for a strong foundation of recovery. Sunsets Recovery and Life Skills Program offers family members the education and support necessary to begin their own journey of recovery. We believe that treatment should extend beyond the individual as addiction often damages the family as a whole. Restoring a family can be done and we are here to help.

Learning new ways of coping and responding will not happen overnight.There are support groups, such as Al-Anon and Nar-Anon, that provide fellowship and support to family members impacted by addiction. Families’ involvement in their own Twelve Step Program can help provide the ongoing support necessary to improve quality of life.

Our family program offers a two-day journey into healing. The hope is for you to learn a new way to love yourself and the addicted individual. You are not responsible for their addiction and you cannot cure it. Groups will be offered with the clinical team and other families to provide a safe space for families to relate to one another’s experience and process their feelings. The groups will be educational and participatory in nature. We will offer groups that include your loved one, this is done as a means to integrate and practice new communication styles and boundary setting skills.

We recognize that the idea of this weekend may be overwhelming and can provoke feelings that may be uncomfortable. However, we encourage you to embrace the opportunity for healing.

The Family Program is a two-day workshop and is offered quarterly. The program begins at 10 am on Friday and concludes at 5:00pm on Saturday. Participants are expected to attend both days in order to benefit from all groups offered.

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